Safety & Care Rules


The South Cove Commons is a 4.3 acre private park owned and maintained by the South HOA  homeowners. This is the crown jewel of our neighborhood, and is the reason many choose to live in this amazing community!

The Commons includes a beach area, playground, tennis/pickleball courts, picnic tables, charcoal BBQs and paved walking paths. Upkeep and improvements for the Commons is paid for through HOA annual dues and is overseen by two dedicated volunteer board members ("park people"). They can reached at [email protected].

We have a few rules developed by the community over the years that keeps The Commons a safe and family friendly area as well as protects your investments. 

  • The South Cove Commons  is exclusively to be used by HOA resident and their guests. Guest must be accompanied by a present resident. 
  • The COURTS are for tennis and pickleball only. Scooters, skateboards, bikes, strollers and shoes with wheels of any kind are strictly prohibited. Access keys are provided by the previous homeowner at the closed of a home sale, otherwise can be purchased for $20. To purchase a key, submit a Court Key Request.
  • DIVING is not allowed anywhere in the swim area, especially off of the dock or pilings.
  • Treat the DOCK with care!  Do not attempt to move it, rock it or rotate it as it is heavy and can be dangerous or damaged.
  • All swimmers must use the buddy system, as there are no lifeguards at the beach.
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult and closely watched while on the beach or swimming.
  • There are no motorized vehicles allowed in the park. 
  • Golfing is not allowed.
  • Fires are not allowed on the beach. 
  • The park closes at dusk and opens at dawn. 

There are 4 entrances to the South Cove park. 
  1. The North West entrance on 191st Pl SE
  2. The North East entrance on SE 44th Way
  3. The South East entrance on SE 45th Pl
  4. The South West entrance on 192nd Ave S