Resident Welcome

Role Description
  • Welcome new residents moving into South Cove with a gift, letter and information on Issaquah
  • Purchase and house gift supplies as needed
  • Update the Welcome Letter at the start of the year as needed noting new Board roles
  • Update the Sales Tracker 
  • 5 - 10 hours a month

The Sales Tracker is a master list of all current residents and pending home sales located on the HOA google drive.  Here is how the process works...

1) Use the Sales Tracker tab (see link above) to identify new residents once the home sale is complete. The treasurer will add and update home sales this list.

NOTE: Records are kept by year per tab with past years in "hidden mode" for ease of use. 

2) After a house closes  reaches out to the new resident to set up a visit for dropping off a Welcome Gift.

If no email is list on the sales tracker, first ask the treasure if they have one or record. If not, then stop by the property at a time they are most likely to be home. Be sure to let the resident know we don't have contact information for them and ask for an email so the website administer can invite them to access the website. 

Gifts bags should value around $50 per household and contains:

- A personalized copy of the Welcome Letter - see attached letter. 
- A folder with the letter and City of Issaquah pamphlets - pick up at City Hall
- A gift bag with tissue containing chocolate from Boehm's, a bottle of wine from Callen Cellar wines, and a coffee mug from The Issaquah Coffee House.

**Note, if different gift than these are used, please update the letter accordingly.**

3) After the gift has been delivered, update the "Welcome Gift" column to "yes" on the list.

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