Tucked away on the southwest end of Lake Sammamish our neighborhood is one of several smaller neighborhoods located between Lake Sammamish State Park and Timberlake Park. 

South Cove boasts of a private 4-acre park lined with Willow, Maple and Cherry trees, walking trails, a children’s playground, 2 tennis courts, a beach front with a swim dock and roped swim area, community BBQ's, and plenty of open grass for family play and community social events.

As part of the South Lake Sammamish Association developed in the 1970s and early 1980s, most of South Cove’s 289 homes retain their original design while some have been updated or replaced by larger homes. All in all, the look and feel of this stable and sought-after neighborhood is warm, inviting and family-friendly.

For questions or inquiries about the South Cove community, please email the South Cove HOA Board.