Important Notice: Temporary closure of the South Cove Playground

After much consideration, the South Cove Board has decided to close off the South Cove Playground until further notice. At this time the park, beach, and tennis areas will remain open but we highly urge everyone, youth and adults, to refrain from gathering in groups and to practice the social distancing recommendations.

We realize that this may cause a challenge for some residents with young children at home during this time of school and work closures, but we feel it is a necessary step in keeping with authority recommendations to slow the spread of COVID-19. This is challenging time for all of us that requires temporary sacrifices in order to protect our families, the local health care system, the city's economy, and the continued spread globally.

We ask you please to take a minute to review the following articles to better understand our decision as well as guide your decisions over the next few weeks.
Thank you for contributing to our great neighborhood and for everyone who has stepped up to check-on and help neighbors who need extra assistant during this time.

1) The State has issued a temporary "no gatherings in one area of over 10 people" mandate that can not be enforced in the playground and so is attracting groups of families and kids on a regular basis. READ : No More Than 10 People in One Place, Trump Said. But Why?

2) This virus lives on surfaces for days especially ones which are not cleaned regularly, such as in playgrounds. READ: Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents.

3) Children are known vectors for the disease and often pass it to other family members, kids, and adults unknowingly as they are less likely to get sick while still carrying the virus. And it is not just the elderly and those with compromised health that can die from this virus.
READ: CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 Basics - COVID-19 and Children
READ: Glendora man, 34, dies from coronavirus

4) We all need to make sacrifices to slow the spread in order to help the health care system from being overwhelmed with cases that require treatment. READ: Short-staffed and undersupplied: Coronavirus crisis strains Seattle area’s capacity to deliver care


Tucked away on the southwest end of Lake Sammamish our neighborhood is one of several smaller neighborhoods located between Lake Sammamish State Park and Timberlake Park. 

South Cove boasts of a private 4-acre park lined with Willow, Maple and Cherry trees, walking trails, a children’s playground, 2 tennis courts, a beach front with a swim dock and roped swim area, community BBQ's, and plenty of open grass for family play and community social events.

As part of the South Lake Sammamish Association developed in the 1970s and early 1980s, most of South Cove’s 289 homes retain their original design while some have been updated or replaced by larger homes. All in all, the look and feel of this stable and sought-after neighborhood is warm, inviting and family-friendly.

For questions or inquiries about the South Cove community, please email the South Cove HOA Board.