Website Management

  • Login into the Website using the Administration login & password
  • Go to Admin Control Panel
  • Select Communications > Select Send Email
  • Construct the email and Send Preview to Self to review or Continue to send without previewing. Preview will go to the all the board members who can respond with needed changes.
  • Return to Communication and the edit email as need. The Subject Line will need to be re-added
  • Select Continue > Select the recipients of the email from the drop down box
  • Select Send Now or Schedule a Date
>>NOTE: Once you schedule an email for sending you will NOT be able to edit the content. If an edit is needed, you will need to CANCEL the email and create a new email. 


  • Login into the Website using the Administration login & password
  • Go to Admin Control Panel
Acceptable Website Account Types
  • Homeowner - Resident: must have an HOA approved address
  • Homeowner - Landlord: can list a non HOA address
  • Renter - must have an HOA approved address
  • Real Estate Agent - granted to agents upon request to access docs for potential sales.
Adding a New Resident Account

1) Board Member sends a request for a new resident to create an account. 
  • Select Invite to Join
  • Use the provided email template or edit to personalize and send request.
  • Approve or reject in Request tab
2) Resident sends an account requests via the website link - request will be emailed to all Board
  • FIRST confirm that that resident currently owns or rents the property they listed in their request AND confirm that property resides in the South Cove HOA boundaries.  
    • Check ownership of the property again the Resident Property Ownership list and/or the Home Sales Tracker List on the google drive
    • Confirm property is in HOA boundaries. Sometimes other HOA residents request to join the SC HOA by mistake.
  • APPROVE OR REJECT their request
    • REJECT if the resident is not listed on the on either of the property or if the property is not in South Cove. Send an email accordingly - see the attached template for verbiage. 
    • APPROVE if the resident is currently a homeowner OR home sale has closed. 
    • Update the homeowner or renters name on the RESIDENT + PROPERTY OWNERSHIP list for that property
    • Delete the website account of the previous owners.
    • Search the website Member page to confirm the new resident was added and not duplicates occurred
Editing Existing Resident Account - Partial or Full Member status
  • Select Members > Member View to see individual resident accounts - sort by last name or address.
    • Members with an "edit" symbol under the Detail column have not created an account. 
    • Email addresses can be ADDED here to grant a current resident Full Member Status
  • Select Members > Account View to view all accounts that are linked to same address.
    • Use the ACTION drop down box to edit, delete or merge account accounts
    • Yellow Triangle flag indicates duplicate accounts from for the same address. Research, merge, and/or delete as needed. 

Granting Real Estate Agents access to the HOA Website
Real Estate Agents are required to have access to all HOA governing docs and meeting minutes to share with potential buyers. We have an account type set up that grants them access to those docs only. Request that the Agent fills out the request form on the website.

  • Login into the Website using the Administration login & password
  • Go to Admin Control Panel
  • Go to the Members and select Invite to Join
  • Copy and paste the template email in the attached file
  • Add the email(s) of the agent(s) making the request to the bottom and send
  • Once the agent requests an account, review that it is listed as Real Estate Agents and accept the request.

How to create folders, add, delete or edit pages, reorganize, change access restrictions, etc

  • Login into the Website using the Administration login & password
  • Go to Admin Control Panel
  • Select Pages
  • The current menu layout will be visible showing folders, pages, order and restrictions
Add or Move a Folder or Page
  • Select any of the add options from the header bar > select the type of page > where it will reside > who has access to that page. 
    • Folder > create a parent folder that will house several pages
    • Page & Page Type > select from the different styles of page templates depending on how it will be used
  • The Move and Order column allows you to move a page to a new location in the menu
Edit the Content of a Page 
  • Login into the Website using the Administration login & password
  • Select the page you want to edit from the Menu on the right sidebar
  • Select one of the editing options located in the Blue Bar at the top of that page
  • Make your edits or add uploads and SAVE
How to update the website when board members change positions or roles.
  • Login into the Website using the Administration login & password
  • Go to the Primary Menu Bar in the right column 
1) Name a Resident as a Board Member
  • Go to HOA Board > Current Board Members
  • Select Manage Board Members from blue option bar at the top of that page
  • Add, edit, delete, reorganize as needed
  • SAVE 
2) Change the recipient list at the bottom of the Contact Board Members page to direct specific inquires
  • Go to HOA Board > Contact Your Board Members page
  • Select Manage Recipients
  • Add, edit, delete, reorganize as needed
  • SAVE 
3) Update the Board Member Group List.
Names on this list determine which residents are granted access to restricted Board-only pages:
  • Go to Admin Control > Groups
  • Scroll to the bottom to see current created Board Member groups
  • Delete old board members
  • To add new names, scroll through resident list and select any new members
  • Click on the blue ADD Members to Group (drop down box on upper right side)
4) Update the [email protected] forward list. See instruction on Account Information page. 
5) Update SHARE GOOGLE DRIVE by adding new board member and remove old one. 

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