FAQ about South Cove

Are there any rules and regulations that govern homes and homeowners in South Cove?
Yes, South Cove has established by-laws governing the community since 1981. All of the Bylaws and Covenants, Rules and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are designed to maintain the safety, visual, and family-oriented appeal of this community.

Does the South Cove HOA have an annual assessment due?
Yes, the South Cove annual homeowners’ assessment due is currently $400 a year and is due by Feb 15th of each year. Dues are used for the upkeep and maintenance of the park, beach, and common areas, for annual community events, welcome gift for new residents, the community website, and a few misc. operational expenses.

Is external home construction, remodeling or landscaping subject to HOA governing policies?
Yes, to keep the South Cove community attractive for the enjoyment of residents and for the protection of property and property values, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) along with the HOA Board is authorized to establish rules, standards and procedures for the orderly development of the subdivision. All homeowners are required to obtain written approval from the ARC for any buildings, additions, or other exterior improvements to their property. 

As a homeowner what access to do I have to the beach, tennis courts and playground?

The South Cove park and all its amenities including he beach, playground and beach swimming area are a privilege for no extra cost to all South Cove Residents as part of the annual HOA assessment dues. These amenities can be used by non-residents guests ONLY if they are accompanied by a South Cove resident. For more details on all the park amenities, visit the Park, Beach, Tennis Courts page on the website.

Are there any community events run by the South Cove HOA each year?
Yes, the HOA typically organizes and pays for, as part the annual assessment dues, 3 – 4 community/social events each year. These events include the Spring Celebration Egg Hunt, Spring Yard Cleanup, the July 4th Parade & BBQ, and the End of Summer Park Movie Night. These events do require the active involvement of community volunteers in order to make happen, so we highly urge residents to get involved in order to continue these wonderful South Cove traditions.

I am a Real Estate Agent and my client has requested copies of South Cove's HOA Governing Documents and Financial reports prior to finalizing escrow papers. Can you provide those?
Yes, please submit a REAL ESTATE ACCESS REQUEST form the South Cove Board to receive access to pages on our website that contains the HOA Bylaws, Covenants, Rules & Restrictions (CC&Rs), Financial Reports and Board Meeting minutes. Please download the requested documents for review and do not distribute your password to clients.