Agent Inquires

Dear Agent

Thank you for representing our neighborhood to potential buyers. 

Our community does have an active HOA Board that is governed by a CC&R/Bylaws and our annual homeowner assessment dues grant our residents access to certain amenities, such as the private South Cove Commons park and beach front. All South Cove residents are responsible for knowing and adhering to these rule & regulations.  Those documents are available on the our website for you and your client to review. 

To better represent this neighborhood to potential buyers, please note that South Cove is one of dozens of the smaller neighborhoods that make up what is known as the South Lake Sammamish community. Each of those neighborhoods are governed by their own HOA and have access to their own community amenities. Because this greater community is often referred to as "South Cove," we ask that you please confirm that the property you are representing to your client is in fact part of the South Cove HOA. Please visit our FAQs and Boundary Map pages on our website for those details. 

If you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for representing the residents of South Cove!

Robin Fawcett

South Cove HOA, Communications/Website

[email protected]